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Do you need a photographer for your business? Check out my gallery for business photos!


Are you looking for the right photographer for your portraits? Check out my gallery for portraits!

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Are you interested in having art created from your personal vision and taste?

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Showcase #33

Brand Photography

This is portraiture for women who want images that not only show off what they do but also who they are!

My name is Anna Mendivil and I am the passionate brand & portrait photographer behind Shine photo art, and I want to help women  become confident about being visible and step out into the light.

Being your true self is the most effective formula for success and happiness out there! 

Whether you are a fellow photographer, a personal trainer, a craftsperson or a florist, whatever your passion I can help you showcase who you are and what you do. We will talk in detail about what you want from your session. I can advise on locations and I also offer make up and hair if required. I will take the time to get to know you, what you do and why so when it comes to photographing you I can show the real you in the most beautiful way possible. 

My goal will simply be to give you a set of images that you can use to show the world how amazing you and your business is. So you have a stock of imagery you can use across your website and social media to get your message of what you can offer people out there.

A brand photo shoot is basically what it says on the tin. As a small business you are your BRAND. You have built your soulful and beautiful business through who you are and that is why your clients love you! So a brand photo shoot is more than just a headshot or a business portrait its a photo shoot that showcases you, the real, authentic and wonderful YOU and all that YOU have to offer your clients. 

You created your business because something called to you, you had a passion that gave you purpose and joy. Which is why you need to showcase YOUR true self. We live in a vision led world where emotional connection is key to engaging your clients. Your presence on your website and social media is your first impression so it's important you show up as your best and most authentic self!

Showcase #45

Personalized photo art

How does YOUR art look like?

Have you ever dreamed about having art created from your personal vision hanging on your walls? Maybe of yourself or someone you love? Maybe something totally unique that matches your business brand?

What does your art piece looks like?

I can help you create everything from Fine Art to different types of portraits. I can work from an existing photo, which means I can work with clients no matter where they live in the world, or help you creating a new one, exactly the way you want it with a new photoshoot.

Your artpiece will be as unique as you are. And with

your vision and my creative mind we´ll create something really unique that will match your personal style and your need. The finished artpiece can also be personalized even more by handpainting the last details for extra texture and uniqueness!

Anna Mendivil - Shine photo art

You´ll find me here:

Mijas , Andalucia Spain